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Are you feeling lonely, alienated, and discouraged in your Christian faith? Maybe you even feel like an exile. If so, you’re not alone.

“Exile” is not a new identity for God’s people. Scripture is full of examples of believers who have felt the pain and pressure of being marginalized for their steadfast faith.

In this new 7-day devotional, written by The Gospel Coalition staff and friends, you’ll be encouraged by these biblical examples to keep the faith—and stay hopeful—in a darkening world.

There’s no doubt Christians who stand by biblical truth are increasingly viewed as aliens. “Do you really still believe that?” “Hasn’t the Bible been disproved by science?” “Aren’t those beliefs about sexuality cruel and discriminatory?” Christians are confronted with questions like these, and the pressure is growing for us to compromise.

Staying faithful can be wearying. Speaking Scripture’s truth can be costly.

Is now the time for Christians to surrender the culture or retreat in isolation? Should we stand up and take back what’s been lost? Rather than limiting our options to fight or flight, we believe the gospel gives rise to hope (1 Pet. 1:3, 13, 21)—and that hope should color our actions and responses in every sphere of life.

As exiles and sojourners in a secularizing culture, faithful believers need encouragement. That’s why we created this FREE 7-day devotional. If you’re feeling lonely and discouraged as a faithful Christian in a faithless world, this resource is for you.

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